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Start your journey towards a healthy body, one rep at a time.


TexFit Training is committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Established in 2014, TexFit offers motivating group fitness classes, online training, personal training, and nutrition counseling for all ages and fitness levels.

We are a family-owned business, and we understand the challenging demands of running a family! At TexFit we offer individual and family rates. Our family plan includes childcare to help you get a workout in around your busy schedule.


We love helping people and families achieve healthy lifestyles!


We offer early morning, mid-morning, evening and Saturday classes!  All classes are included in membership plans, plus non-members can drop in for $7 per class! All classes are designed to be coached to multiple fitness levels. Every exercise can be modified or progressed for each individual in class.  If you have an injury or special condition, please let Jamie or Brannon know to ensure your safety during classes.  Childcare is always available during class times! 

Indoor Cycle

Senior Fit




"TexFit Training is the place to be! I am so thankful for all of the experience, expertise, compassion & motivation that Jamie & Brannon provide. I am especially enjoying the on-line training as it is difficult for me to get to the gym. Jamie is also helping me with nutritional coaching & motivation, which is invaluable. Thank you, TexFit Training!"

—  Colleen Provost Nixon


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