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Just Love Your Bod!

Just Love Your Bod is a 12-week immersive program where I make a personalized nutrition and workout plan that best fits you and your personal needs.

About Me

A little about me:  I've been coaching women since 1999.  I have a B.S. in Sports Management and a M.S. in Exercise Science with specialty certifications in corrective exercise, special conditions, nutrition and group programs!  


Because I've been down and out, frustrated, overwhelmed with my weight in the past, I have strong passion for helping women achieve their health and fitness goals.  Your health and fitness impacts every area of your life!  I''ve helped thousands of women lose weight, gain confidence and live their best lives full of health and happiness. Through my own personal weight loss transformation, life, and mindset struggles, I've learned some incredible lessons. 


So much more goes into losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight than meets the eye.  Fitness is more than physical.  It is more than following a workout plan and diet.  It is more than sweating and eating broccoli....actually, you don't even have to eat broccoli! Mindset, strategy and accountability. These three staples in my program are key to living a healthy and fit lifestyle for a lifetime! 

The Plan

I design a training and nutrition plan specifically for you based on a variety of factors including your medical history, current conditions and/or pain, lifestyle, stress level, current diet, current activity level and even your personality type!  Your plan will be fun, exciting and allow you to leave the frustration and struggle behind!

Personalized Workouts & Nutrition

I like to call this "re-training your brain"! I use mindset exercises to help you train your brain to approach weight loss with a healthy mindset.  I help you change behaviors involving food, exercise, stress, relationships and more.  This is the most important component to my program.​


Mindset Coaching

My exclusive VIP app to access your workouts, meal plan, weekly homework and stats.  This is also where you and I, as your coach, will be tracking all of your progress!

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