My 12-week academy is designed to transform your mind, body and soul with one-on-one coaching.  You can live anywhere and be a client of my academy.  


*If you live locally, you'll get a combination of in-person training and lifestyle training with my VIP app.


* If you are not local, you'll get a combination of zoom training and lifestyle training with my VIP app.  


I conduct regular check ins and phone/zoom calls to keep you on track and connected.  I coach you through 12 weeks and teach you goal setting, nutrition, mindset, the right training for your goals, how to manage and maintain weight loss and so much more.  

About Me

A little about me:  I live in Taylor, TX with my husband, Brannon.  We own TexFit Training together, and we have seven children together.  We love our community and our family, and are committed to helping people get healthy and stay healthy.


I've been coaching women since 1999.  I gained a ton of weight with my first pregnancy, and I struggled emotionally and physically as a young mom with a body that didn't seem like mine anymore.  I tried jogging, home workouts, dieting and nothing seemed to work.  I was extremely frustrated, mad and sad. I finally joined a gym and with the help of an amazing trainer, I lost 70 pounds in 8 months.  I was so excited and felt amazing as the weight melted off, I knew I wanted to help other women feel amazing, too!  I decided to change education paths and study sports management.  I also began getting certifications in personal training and group fitness programs.  I have since acquired many specialty certifications and continue to stay up to date on the latest research and trends in the fitness and health industries.  


I have a B.S. in Sports Management and a M.S. in Exercise Science with specialty certifications in various areas. I am a women's weight loss specialist, and have helped thousands of women (and men) lose weight and keep it off.   I also specialize in working with clients who have chronic illness, chronic pain, injuries and other special conditions. Common conditions my clients have: diabetes, hormonal imbalances, thyroid conditions, MS, disabilities, cancer recovery, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, knee and hip replacements, injuries, recent surgeries, diastisis recti and hyper mobility.


You can feel better!  You can move better!  You can live better! Your health and fitness impacts every area of your life!  Through my own personal weight loss transformation, life, and mindset struggles, I've learned some incredible lessons that I want to share with you.


So much more goes into feeling better in the body you are in than meets the eye.  Fitness is more than physical.  It is more than following a workout plan and diet.  It is more than sweating and eating broccoli....actually, you don't even have to eat broccoli! Mindset, strategy and accountability. These three staples in my program are key to living a healthy and fit lifestyle for a lifetime! 

I help you reprogram your brain and to connect with yourself.  I provide a proven strategy that includes mindset work, nutrition, physical movement and accountability. I coach you without overwhelming or exhausting you from an invasive program that no one could possibly maintain. 

To get started and apply for coaching, click the link below or simply text me to set up a free consult. 512-264-5836.

12-Week Plan

Personalized Workouts & Nutrition

I design a training and nutrition plan specifically for you based on a variety of factors including your medical history, current conditions and/or pain, lifestyle, stress level, current diet, current activity level and even your personality type!  Your plan will be fun, exciting and allow you to leave the frustration and struggle behind!


Mindset Coaching

I like to call this "re-training your brain"! I use mindset exercises to help you train your brain to approach weight loss with a healthy mindset.  I help you change behaviors involving food, exercise, stress, relationships and more.  This is the most important component to my program.​

Access to 


Everything you need at your fingertips!  Learn, grow, workout, recover and more!  No matter where you live, I coach you through 12 weeks of transformation with a combination of zoom calls, weekly texts and my exclusive app! 

For a free phone consult to learn more about Jamie's Strong Academy, click here:


512-264-5836 |

4408 N Main St, Taylor TX 76574

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