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Texfit raw powerlifting meet

The first ever annual Tex-Fit Raw Powerlifting Meet hosted by Daniel Hernandez and Everardo Araujo. Both former Taylor Duck Powerlifters who continue their leadership roles in powerlifting at the collegiate level. Everardo is Co-President of the UT Powerlifting team and Daniel is President of the Texas A&M Powerlifting team.

Date: July 13th
Early weigh-ins July 12th
Location: TexFit Gym Taylor, Tx

The meet will not be run under any federation (like THSPA/USAPL). Since the meet is small we decided to do custom weight classes that would be more appropriate with the number of lifters.

There will be early weigh-ins. We will have early weigh ins at the meet location on Friday July 12th, 6pm-8:30pm. There will also be regular weigh-ins starting at 7:00am on meet day.

The weight classes are as follow:
Lightweight: 132lbs (0-132)
Middleweight: 198lbs (132-198)
Heavyweight: 198+lbs

Lightweight: 105lbs (0-105)
Middleweight: 132lbs (105-132)
Heavyweight: 132+lbs

The top 5 lifters in each weight class will receive medals. The best lifter awards will be determined using a coefficient formula similar to the USAPL. There will be two best lifters for both men and women. The first best lifter overall will win $50. The second best lifter will win $30.

The meet is for high school lifters but we also added a guest division. This guest divison will be for anyone older such as parents, Tex-Fit gym members, or anyone who is trying to see if they want to get started in powerlifting. If this division has a lot of interest, we may add weight classes and cash prizes. For now there isn't going to be weight classes. It will be one big open divison for mens and womens each.

Meet Rules:

The lifting rules will be very similar to THSPA other than that it's raw. For attire we will require a cotton tshirt. We strongly suggest wearing a singlet for lifting. If not possible just wear slim fitting shorts or tights.
Equipment allowed in Raw:
Wristbwraps, belt, knee sleeves (not knee wraps), singlet. If any questions contact meet director.
For clarification you can contact us.


The registration process will be done through Liftingcast. This is the also the website that will have the meet results and that will run live during the meet.

For 'Full Name' just use your first and last name.
For 'Membership number' just put "NA".
For 'Team Selection' just ignore it.
For 'Raw or Equipped' you will only be able to select Raw since this is a raw meet.
For 'Division Name' select high school if you're in high school or graduated this year.
For 'Declared Weight Class' choose the weight class you want to compete in the day of the meet.

For selecting T-shirts select the size and add it. If you want additional meet shirts select the size and add another shirt. There will be a limited amount of extra tshirts at the meet so to secure extra shorts for family and friends make sure to pre order while registering.
The registration cost is non-refundable.

The racks being used are ER Combo Racks. These are competition style IPF Approved racks that are much different than your typical power rack design. They adjust for height much better and we will be getting everyone's rack height before/during weigh-ins. We will have the rack set up during weigh-ins to get the height of squat and bench in. Here is the link to enter that information. You can pull it up on your phone and enter the day of. This will be explained more at the time of weigh-ins.

Any additional questions contact Daniel Hernandez at 512-595-6338. Email